Creating better bath, body, and skin care products, for you and the for the planet. 

With effective ingredients, no cheap filler oils, and eco-friendly packaging we are making high quality skin care our priority. 

    Oh! hey there and welcome to Moss + Pearl Soap Company - the place where you can find eco-friendly bath and body products that are made with only the best ingredients for maximum effectiveness.
    We exist because we understand one thing very clearly. And that is that you want products that cleanse and hydrate while smelling absolutely amazing - and you want that without harmful harsh ingredients or packaged in cheap single use plastic. And more than that? You want to love them and to love how you feel when you use them. Founded in 2021 by Michelle Haynes, Moss + Pearl Soap Company started as small company focusing on bar forms of bath, body, + home products and now has expanded into many eco-friendly beauty, home, and personal care products. 
     Michelle had originally started making soap as a way to make skin care products that didn't aggravate her sons eczema.  It soon became a hobby that made great gifts for friends and family. The bath, body, and skin care products you will find here at Moss + Pearl Soap Company are all driven by creating the very best products and introducing people to sustainable bath and body care alternatives. It is how we help you to find products that you love and enjoy your skin and hair while feeling good about purchasing effective products made in the heart of the Ozark Mountains.

Customer Testimonials 

"Highly recommended.......It suds up very well. It is great if you have oily hair. Just love the shampoo and conditioner bars."---Melissa

"Amazing This is the best lotion EVER. it smells incredible, isn't greasy and absorbs easily. I love it!" ---Leela

"(Lip Balm) Smells great and my lips feel better instantly"----Bob