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Moss + Pearl Soap Company

Eco-Friendly Car Vent Clip Diffusers

With an incredibly stylish look, and crafted from sustainable glass and wood design, these adorable Car Scent Diffusers will elevate your car's scent and appearance.   

Made with a metal non-slip vent clip these adorable diffusers can clipped directly to your air conditioner vent so that the fragrance is circulated through your car. The Eco-Friendly Car Scent Diffusers are perfect for those looking to add a nice fragrance to their car without adding a plastic tree. 

 Pick your scent

Capri Blue is a bright fruity fresh and clean scent. 

Beach Bum is perfect for summer its a warm coconut and tropical flowers.  Its smells beachy and reminiscent of  your favorite beach vacation without smelling like suntan lotion.   

Bamboo + Teakwood is a fresh spa type scent that perfect for any gender. 


The fragrance oils used are naturally derived and phthalates free blended with Fractionated Coconut Oil. 

**Concentrated fragrance oils can damage surfaces and cause skin irritation.** 


Remove the plastic stopper from inside the diffuser, add the vent clip, tighten on the top, add the diffuser sticks to the lid. Clip securely to the vent and enjoy fresh fragrance whenever the vents are on. 


***Moss + Pearl Soap Co is not responsible for any damages from oil spillage.***

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Fractionated Coconut Oil, Fragrance


2 OZ


Caution: concentrated fragrence oils can damage surfaces.