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Moss + Pearl Soap Company


This incredible lip scrub + mask is a 2 in 1 treatment for super lush lips.  The exfoliating sugar scrub polishes away dull chapped skin and the treatment mask nourishes and hydrates.  Comes in an eco-friendly glass jar. 

  •  Strawberry Flavored Lip Scrub + Mask provides gentle exfoliation and contains Marine Collagen to plump and hydrate the lips.   Strawberry is NOT Vegan.  

  • Tropical Lip scrub + Mask also provides gentle exfoliation, but does not contain collagen and IS Vegan. 


  • Chai Tea Lip Scrub + Mask contains collagen and smells like delectable Chai Tea.  

Why it Works:

This signature Moss + Pearl Lip Scrub contains Safflower Oil, Hemp Seed Oil, Castor Oil, Rose Hip Oil, and Vitamin E oil to feed your lips the nutrients they need and fine sugar for polishing.  

How To Use: 

For best results take a small amount and apply to lips, gently in small circular motions.   Then let it soak into your lips until all the sugar has disappeared and left behind only a smooth balm. Allow the mask to penetrate as long as possible, follow with one of our lip balms for best results.  

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Cane Sugar, Safflower Oil, Hemp Seed Oil, Ritamulse SCG, Castor Oil, Rosehip Oil, Marine Collagen Peptides, Natural Flavor Oil, Vitamin E Oil.


1.5 OZ / 42 G

Care Instructions

Use gently, over exfoliation can cause chapped lips.

Use clean dry finger to scoop scrub from the jar. Do not get water in your Lip Scrub + Mask it could cause it to grow bacteria.